Monday, September 7, 2009

Destin Chiropractor Health Condition of the Week

We plan to start blogging on the “Health Condition of the Week” every week to help inform and educate our patients and friends about the various conditions that we see on a routine basis here in our office in Destin. There are several conditions where chiropractic care is very effective and the person on the street may not be aware of the benefits that a chiropractor can provide very easily. Frequently I will have a patient comment about some condition that they or someone they know has and they have no idea that a chiropractor can be a very good option for care.

Please comment about anything you may see in the coming weeks and also your suggestions for articles will be appreciated.

Dr. Whidden is a former U.S. Navy pilot turned chiropractor in Destin, Florida. Emerald Coast Chiropractic, finding solutions to today’s health care issues, Who’s YOUR Chiropractor?

Ken Whidden, DC
Emerald Coast Chiropractic

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